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AR-15: The Best Firearm to Have

Having a rifle ensures your safety. Many people like to go on hunting on weekends when many like to practice target shooting. The firearm that has become most popular for serving these purposes perfectly is the AR-15 rifles. Hearing about rifles many people think that it is only used for murder and mayhem. But this is not always the case. Rifles are necessary for many other reasons too. For those who are not familiar with these rifles, let me give a brief description about them before I explain its necessity.

AR-15 Rifles
AR-15 rifles though almost look like the military rifles, for example, M-16, they function quite differently. These are mainly sporting rifles used for hunting and target shooting. “AR” here stands for ArmaLite Rifle which was developed in 1950 by a company named ArmaLite. This semi-automatic civilian sporting rifle can fire one round with each pull of the trigger.

AR-15 rifles are as powerful as other hunting rifles. Its accuracy, reliability, versatility and ruggedness has made them the first choice of the hunters and the target shooters. Its Chamberings include .22, .223, 6.8 SPC, .308, and many more. Upper receivers are also available in 9 mm, .40 and .45 mm. A .410 shotgun version is also available of this firearm.

An AR-15 has mainly two parts, the upper receiver and the lower receiver. These two receivers are connected to a two pin system. The upper receiver is primarily responsible for the shooting characteristics of the rifle. So, you can understand it is the most important part of the rifle. At you can know more about upper receivers. You can also find some best upper receivers there.

Why you would consider having an AR-15
Having an AR-15 can be of great help to you. The reasons why I suggest you have an AR-15 are given below.

1. Self Defense: AR-15 is one of the best firearms for self-defence. For protecting your home and for your safety there is no better alternative than the AR-15. These semi-automatic rifles can protect your home from any danger. It is reliable, accurate and it is easy to learn using this rifle.

2. Entertainment: Operating AR-15 is easy, and you can learn to use it with less effort than the other firearms. From short range to longer range shooting you will be able to hit the target more easily with these rifles. You can spend a fun time hitting targets with AR-15.

3. Learning: If you are interested in learning to shoot, there is no better option than the AR-15. With its simple operating technique and low-recoil, this rifle makes the learning process easier for the beginners. No matter what your age is, with an AR-15 you can learn shooting accurately.

4. Hunting: If you like to go for hunting, this rifle is the ideal one for you. Both AR 10 and AR 15 are great hunting rifles. With proper ammunition, an AR-15 can even turn into a great deer rifle.

5. Shooting Sports: There is hardly any other guns that can take the place of AR-15 in competitive shooting sports. Many athletes prefer to use this, especially in 3-Gun for safety and accuracy.

Having firearms are allowed in many countries, but you need to follow proper procedures to purchase it. If you are interested in shooting sports or hunting, AR-15 is the perfect firearm for you.